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Dr. Sadoff reaches out to inform and educate the community on the latest topics in skin health.

All About Acne

Join Dr. Sadoff on the Dr. Nandi Show as she discusses the wide range of women and men of all ages affected by acne, and the variety of treatments available for this common and difficult condition. Watch to see how Dr. Sadoff approaches treating patients with a variety of regimens, and why she believes consideration of the patient’s lifestyle and developing an individualized regimen yields the most effective results.

Sun Safety and Skin Cancer

The most deadly form of skin cancer, melanoma, is effecting more and more of the population, and Dr. Sadoff goes over effective sunscreens and choosing the right one. Dr. Sadoff discusses what the SPF rating means, and the serious protection you may be missing if you are choosing a sunscreen only based on the SPF rating.

Indicators in Your Nails

The appearance of our nails is an indicator of our general health and can also signal abnormalities as serious as nutritional deficiencies and even skin cancer. Hear how Dr. Sadoff examines nails for these important clues.

On the Radio

Dr. Deanna Lites, Health Reporter for WWJ, reaches out to Dr. Sadoff for her take on breaking news and research from peer-reviewed journals.

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