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Aging Hand Treatment

When you can pinch the thin skin over the back of the hands, forming a tent which slowly falls, when you see prominent veins and tendons, and when brown large freckles or “liver spots” appear, your hands are revealing your age and sun exposure.

Restoring the smooth, full contours and uniform color of your youthful hands is quickly achieved using a combination of esthetic treatments.

Radiesse, an injectable, is blended and then placed strategically over the back of the hands, immediately restoring fullness and minimizing the look of the blue veins and tendons. Brown spots can be removed using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), cryotherapy or peels, as well as topical cosmeceuticals that are for home use.

To minimize the effect of sun exposure on our hands, Dr. Sadoff recommends specific sunscreens that are water resistant as well as topical products that improve the skin quality and barrier function. UV gloves by Solumbra and Coolibar are also available to protect your hands while driving or outdoors for a prolonged time.