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Customized Chemical Peels

Chemical peels help you achieve smooth, glowing skin, by reducing lines, blemishes, irregular brown spots and old scars. Chemical peeling refers to a process when a specific chemical or blend of chemicals are applied to the surface of the skin to induce “desquamation”, or removal of a layer of skin, resulting in healthy renewal of the skin’s surface. While many patients feel that they are familiar with chemical peels, and may even have tried some at home chemical peel preparations, the best results occur when Dr. Sadoff customizes the approach. Depending on your clinical and esthetic goals, your skin type and quality, and the presence of lines, discoloration and/or scars, the specific blend and strength of chemicals is selected. Dr. Sadoff may also recommend a layered peel, when chemicals are applied in succession during the treatment to achieve the best result. To further create a unique peel for your skin, she may recommend an at home, pre- and post-peel treatment regimen. This allows for increased and customized absorption of the peel ingredients and optimal results. Peels may result in almost imperceptible peeling or flaking of the skin, and therefore have zero “downtime”, or, as the case with deeper peels, may result in move obvious redness and peeling. Almost everyone benefits from a chemical peel as part of their skin restorative treatment plan and skin maintenance regimen.